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Local Niche Real Estate Websites for More Sales

Marketing Your Website

Below is a sample marketing plan you can follow that is relatively inexpensive and whereby you can dominate your local area with one of our high quality local domain name websites.bigstock-Local-Internet-Marketing-Conce-44113735

No other agents will have the power to dominate your local niche area because of your relevant domain name and website.

Local niche domain name will get more clicks, more views more responses from buyers and sellers and more sales.

Your relevant niche domain name presents you as the “go to” agent to sell and/or buy.

Tell and sell your local niche domain name story.  You will set yourself apart from other agents and be able to attain more listings and more sales.

Your local website defines your farm, your target market. Now its time to market your niche focused website.

Always promote and market the same message – see example below.
“#1 Source for St Paul Real Estate”
Joan Smith – Your Local Expert Agent
Free – market valuation
Free – email alerts & showings

Steps to Marketing your website and becoming the #1 agent for your niche local web site

  1. Use the best local niche domain name and website. Local niche domain name will attain more looks, clicks, visits, higher search engine rankings, sell your the local expert, more seller & buyer leads and more sales.
  2. Complete Your Local Website – Make sure the new local niche website is complete and ready to go.
  3. Learn Your Market – Be the expert in your target market; know all properties for sale, tour all new listings, receive email alerts to new listings, know all condo buildings, know past sales, know area schools, restaurants, parks, businesses, etc.
  4. Print Business Cards – On the back of your business card print; (i.e.,“#1 Source to Buy and Sell St Paul Real Estate”,Cheryl Kempenich – Your Expert Local Agent, Free – market valuation, Free – email alerts & showings.
  5. Create Brochure – Create brochure about your local domain name website and focus.
  6. Paperwork – Have listing agreements and purchase agreements with you at all times. When someone says they like what they see immediately write purchase agreement where you are.
  7. Social Media – create social media profiles for; Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  8. Build Database – create a database for your local contacts.
  9. Visit Condo Buildings – Introduce yourself to condo building property managers. Drop of 20 business cards and brochures, get property managers’ email address.
  10. Visit Local Businesses. Visit all local restaurants, coffee houses, bars, businesses. Drop off or post business cards and brochures. Introduce yourself to manager/owner, get email address.
  11. Attend Events – Attend local events. Have name badge that says,, “#1 source for St Paul Real Estate, Joan Smith, Your Expert Local Agent.
  12. Hold Open Houses. Hold open houses Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays in your local area – other agents listings if needed. Advertise in MLS, Craigslist about open house etc. Make sure your advertisements says, Joan Smith – Your Local Expert Agent. On your open house signs install sticker “” – great advertisement on busy streets.
  13. Write Local Blog. Tell stories and provide useful information for your local niche area.  Write about new businesses, school info, local news,  restaurants and entertainment, etc.  Talk about real estate stats and sell your services.
  14. Market Your Social Media. Like, follow, talk about, take pictures, post about businesses, events, news, places of interest in your local niche area. Use at least the following; Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin.
  15. Smaller Niches – Send out post cards.
  16. Killer Craigslist Ads – In the title put *** ***”.  Almost everyone will click on your ad. In your ad say : *** *** #1 Source for St Paul Real Estate. See all condos and homes for sale. See pictures, descriptions, maps and more. Free market valuation for your home. Free – email alerts for new listings and showings. Joan Smith – your expert local agent call or text 555-555-5555. Put link in for
  17. Try Google, Bing Yahoo Ads. Your niche domain name will get more clicks than your competitors. Only use keywords relevant to your niche. Ad title: St Paul Real Estate Guide. Ad body: See all condos & homes for sale. See pictures, details, maps and more. Ad Link:

Summary – Use your local niche domain name and  website as a springboard to farm and create more sales.  Tell your story and out compete other agents.

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